Seller: Donald Good
State: Florida
City: Bradenton
Zip code: 34280
Type: Pets

This 2 yrs old, black on brown, nutered male is a very well mannered family dog, a real sweetheart. To get info on his breed, Google Belgain Malinois.  He is about 24" tall and weighs 70 lbs. Lots of energy, good with kids and other dogs. He really likes the shoreline on Palma Sola Beach. He will retrieve the ball from the water until he can't walk. He obeys commands very well. Learns quickly. Will not run away. He goes with me each morning to take out the trash or get the newspaper without a leash and is always by my side. He shares space with a small dog with no problems. He is really a smart dog who wants to please.
He is from Forgetmenot.Inc. Call -- and ask for info on Rufus! 
OR CALL OR EMAIL US TO SEE RUFUS.  We can't take him on our 6 week vacation so he is going back to the Forget Me Not facility. 
We will help with the adoption process. Rufus needs a permanent home.