Seller: Donald Good
State: Florida
City: Bradenton
Zip code: 34209
Type: Pets

Rufus has a short brown coat with black overlay, dark eyes and and the intense expression of his herding breed.  Minimal grooming required if he has his own clean rug and gets a reqular brushing.  Ruffus is totally loyal and trustworthy. He loves to play ball and will chase balls deep into Palma Sola Bay, swim back and do it again.  He is only 1 1/2 years old and still putting on weight. He is about 50 lbs and  24 inches tall.  When we meet people on our walks, they comment that he is a good looking dog. Call for more photos.
Here is his history.  Rufus was on Death Row at the ForgetMeNot Inc. shelter.  We are his foster parents.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with this dog.  When we brought him home, he had ear mites from lack of attention.  He also had numerous hot spots that have gone away by giving him a clean place to sleep and with a diet of dog food specially for dogs with sensitive skin. He is extremely intelligent, totally house broken, does not distroy his toys, gets along great with other dogs that he meets on our walk...there are no reasons to terminate this dog's life.  We can be reached directly on --.
GOOGLE Belgian Malinois for more information about this breed.  He is not a pure Malinois but very close.
For more inormation call Gabby at -- or email her at